Meet Renata

Renata Mikae

Meet Renata Mikae

Renata Mikae was brainedavisstudioorn on August 6, 1984.  Her place of Birth is Georgetown Guyana, South America.
Renata’s family resided in Brooklyn, New York in 1985.  Growing up in a West Indian family was the biggest part of her life.  The family instilled mannerisms, loyalty and faith in God.

After completing her college degree from DeVry University in Business Science and Technical Management, Renata decided to focus on becoming a model and actress.  In 2011, Renata at the age of 27, made the decision to attend and graduate modeling school at John Casablanca’s Model and Career Center.

In 2015, Renata was selected to be one of the cover models for the novel by Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. entitled Standing Firm (One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence).  Under the same project she was selected to be main character, Raine Davis, in the video book trailer of Standing Firm, the Standing Firm mini movie and the full length feature film to be released in October 2016.  Renata was also selected to co-star in a play presented by Pure Authority Productions LLC entitled, “Behind the Mask, Diaries of a Vanity Vixen”.

In August of 2015, Renata agreed to partner with Gerald C. Anderson, Sr., and form Righteous Productions.  In this capacity Renata became the casting director and co-producer of the Standing Firm movie.  She also assisting in writing the script for the movie and is diligently working on other scripts for Righteous Productions.

Through her faith and passion in Christ she knows all things are possible and God’s perfect timing she will achieve all of these things as she strives to be great.  Thus far Renata has seen many wonderful things that the Lord has placed in her path and knows that He is not done with her yet. Renata’s prayer is that others may know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, put Him first in all that they do to be successful.

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